We are so honored to welcome you into our community! We host some of the most acclaimed experts in the outdoor, survival and preparedness industry. In this digital magazine and ecosystem, you will find decades of knowledge and experience bridged to the forefront of the modern era. We link the resources of the traditional survivalist, outdoor enthusiast, homesteader, and modern-day prepper into one comprehensive publication while integrating it into a fresh modern style with advanced, user-interactive technology tailored to each digital magazine publication, becoming one of the first preparedness interactive magazines and ecosystems available online.

The magazine will direct readers to their favorite authors, contests, giveaways, gear reviews, recipes, sponsor pages, NFTs, and much more within a blockchain platform. We look forward to bringing you valuable information fields including survival, agriculture, medicine, disaster-preparedness, self-defense, outdoor living, fishing, hunting, homebrewing, and much much more!

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