About Us​

The Illusion Factory’s new platform, Sizzle, makes all media and all locations in the real world, instantly transactional, interactive and hyperconnected. The Sizzle platform empowers the metaverse, games, blockchain, NFTs, and tokens to bestow privileges in web3 and the real world, using discounts, games, augmented reality, virtual reality, metaverse experiences, digital downloads, market research, contests, polls, sweepstakes and more.

Sizzle is a new perspective on advertising in print, out of home, tv, radio and streaming media, that favors the advertiser and the consumer equally by completely changing the playing field of functionality, experience, etc. It is all browser-based so it is easily used/adopted by all third parties. Sizzle has paired with MetaKeep, a state of the art web3 wallet, that enables one click downloads of NFTs into a new wallet, without any of the old web3 cumbersome experiences. MetaKeep is the wallet that keeps rewarding its users, by delivering automatic, seamless Web3 experiences that are indistinguishable from Web2.0… meaning no seed phrases, no passwords. No losing private keys. No getting locked out.

Consortium.VIP is the directory of supplemental technologies, creative experiences and business resources that have been fully vetted by The Illusion Factory for ease of integration into the Sizzle Platform. We invite you to reach out to any of these companies that interest you, and discuss how you may implement them into the Sizzle projects of your choosing.