What it Flaregun AR?

A foundational technology and virtual utility bridge from the real world to the metaverse:
Flaregun AR is 3D Augmented Reality render engine and cross-platform Virtual Positioning System based on a first principal algorithm which translates GPS and sensor data from any device with a processor, into 3D location data over visualized through the camera and display in mobile devices, wearables and other IOT products, including pass-through stereoscopic VR/XR. Flaregun has acquired multiple USPTO Patents for utility, process and design with an open application and continued filing.

How does it work?
By using the Flaregun AR API and SDK, our developers can deploy an application such as Whiteout Kit, (a 3 year collaboration with Burners Without Borders) with location functionality including AR/VR Markers, text, digital art or other location data such as a City Guide, in both online and offline use cases. Flaregun is a 100% proprietary algorithm and requires no services from Google, Apple, or any mapping or AR service.

Why develop with Flaregun AR?
Our goal is to provide foundational geolocation functionality to applications who wish to remain free of prohibitive 3rd party user agreements and unpredictable software dependencies such as those found in Apple, Google or Microsoft Augmented Reality platforms and Google/Apple Maps.
This advantage gives our partners and customers the ability to control their own pricing structures, data and analytics, device deployment, and multiple other factors without any 3rd party integrations, which can be very expensive. At the same time, our developers retain control over when they update their apps, how they monetize it and more.

What is our advantage?
Flaregun is an independent, light weight system which offers speeds limited only by the device and the 3D content. Flaregun can run on any device with a processor which includes IOT and wearable hardware, digitizing existing products and apps, all future mobile devices. Flaregun is also able to provide offline AR/VR and location data without connection to a network.
By being free of 3rd party dependencies, our developers can build one application and serve it on any platform from mobile web applications to full AR/VR experiences, not possible on iOS or Android. This means our developers control their own in-app purchases, content, updates, and everything else.

Why now?
After many years of developing and doing activations and product demos suddenly large brands and high level businesses in travel, gaming, food delivery, recreation, event and entertainment have expressed interest and want our technology to solve some of their most important internal problems.

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