Power to the Hodlr. Power to the Gamer.

PlanetMoon is the Social DeFi dApp for crypto enthusiasts with free, play-to-stake gaming and daily give-aways – PlanetMoon is powered by unique, Tokenomics-as-a-Service (TaaS) that give control back to the token holder (or Hodlr, as we like to call them).

Your Wallet. Your Tokens.

With PlanetMoon, teams work to earn your investment loyalty. PlanetMoon keeps control where it should be – with you, the investor – by utilizing patented technology in our revolutionary “trustless” Hodlr contracts. 

Unlike traditional token staking platforms, where you have to send your tokens away and then “trust the process, trust the team” (regardless of project or market turbulence!), with Planet Moon, staked tokens stay under your control and the initial investment can be recaptured at any time.

Game. Stake. Win.

PlanetMoon rewards crypto gamers how they like to be rewarded. Traditional closed-loop, play-to-earn games usually confine players to a platform’s single native token on its own blockchain

PlanetMoon’s proprietary play-to-stake model explodes this narrow paradigm by allowing players to invest their rewards into partner tokens across the entire Binance ecosystem – or redeemed on-the-spot, in cold, hard BUSD. 

Planet Moonies

Planet Moon membership fuels a dynamic community built for investors, influencers and crypto teams with exclusive benefits and investment opportunities not found on other staking or gaming platforms.  Including a mind-blowing 5X on giveaways!

For Investors, membership unlocks a powerful tool to research new gems – or follow projects and top crypto teams to maximize investment potential. And Planet Moon crosses the web 2/ web 3 divide with sharable profiles that let members show off their unique collection of investment reward NFTs.

For Influencers, premium membership means brand amplification, as Planet Moon is the only dApp that lets sponsored talent reward their followers with custom, shareable staking campaigns.

For Teams, Planet Moon delivers like no other dApp – solving the four major issues new and veteran token teams alike struggle with: talent, tokenomics, turnover, and marketing. 

Planet Partner

Exclusive to Planet Moon, “Buy-Back & Burn!” rewards for our first partner tokens.

From a percentage of platform revenue, partner tokens will be automatically purchased by PlanetMoon on the open market – increasing both trade volume and price – and then burned forever putting upward pressure on the token value!

Other partner opportunities include sponsored gaming – for brands that want to reach this highly desired 18-35 tech-savvy demographic!

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