Welcome to Alpha City

Alpha City is an Ethereum blockchain-powered open virtual world powered by Unreal Engine 5, developed and owned by its community, who can create, experience, and monetize content created within Alpha City.

The Alpha Ecosystem

America’s Social Business Lifestyle Metaverse.


Alpha City is the foremost Social Business Lifestyle Metaverse that operates on a fully decentralized framework, constructed via the utilization of the Unreal Engine 5 game engine. This innovative platform will offer a multitude of unique experiences, accessible solely through the dynamic exploration of our hyper-realistic virtual domain.


Can’t decide where to start? Our dynamic metaverse offers a diverse array of attractions, including expansive shopping centers, top-tier golf courses, licensed boxing arenas, bustling lounges, virtual offices, car dealerships, unforgettable Meta-weddings, as well as other routine aspects of life, such as businesses and meta-dating. In addition to these offerings, Alpha City is a bustling ecosystem, continuously hosting user-driven events, ensuring there is always something exciting happening for our visitors.


With the freedom of social engagement and networking in Alpha City allows for a boundless potential for creation and innovation, empowering users to build upon the existing Alpha ecosystem. With the acquisition of personal property within Alpha City, users possess the ability to construct a diverse range of structures, including private residences, commercial establishments, and rent-able spaces, as well as designing and deploying their own engaging mini-games for other users to discover and explore.

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