Transitional Tech

Pixel Threads is the most realistic 3D cloth simulation engine, in AR, running on your cell phone, in the market.

It can tackle the dynamics of collision and self-collision incredibly accurately, all within time frames of 16ms or less. 

Its ability to harness the power of the GPU and CPU allows it to process incredibly intelligently, keeping the cell phone loads extremely low. 

This is Transitional Technology.

Digital Made Physical

With Pixel Threads you can bring every Fabric type and property to physical life. Fabric that reacts to full body collision, full self-collision, and its environment. Every drape, flow, and movement. In real-time.

These all combine to produce photorealism on the device people use most, cell phones. In the medium people find most engaging, Augmented Reality.

By integrating Pixel Threads, Fashion brands can now showcase their new lines in real-life fidelity. e-Commerce customers can Shop-The-Look with incredible confidence. Designers can create, and try different fabrics, in real-time. AR Platforms can give their creator-users a powerful new tool for their next App.

Pixel Threads.

Digital Made Physical.

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