Trailblazing the immersive, inclusive & sustainable world of Web3 & Metaverse

Welcome to Evenness!

We are Evenness – a global provider of Web3, AI & Extended Reality (XR) solutions for your interactive events, remote team’s collaboration, product testing, Tech learning and upskilling. Originally from the Netherlands (Evenness B.V.), in 2022 we scaled to the USA (Evenness, Inc. // C Corp) as per the growing demand in our services. Our focus is on creating inclusive, sustainable and accessible virtual environments for business and people’s needs. Our mission is to enable organizations and people across the planet to establish human connections and work together no matter the distance or time zone.

No apps, no downloads, no limits.

This year, we are building our own community-focused enterprise-grade Web 3 solution – InnoCityX – the Metaverse Innovation Hub of the future for companies, innovators & creators developing breakthrough tech ideas to push the human race forward. Learn more about InnoCityX here.

How do you want to empower your stakeholders with VR & immersive technology?

Connect your remote-based teams in one virtual office space.

Cut on operational costs and CO2 emissions while creating a stronger, healthier, and more inclusive and welcoming company culture. Empower, embrace, unite, and collaborate with Evenness!

The “future” of work and learning is not looming in the distance, but a reality of the here and now.

Experience our immersive learning platform to improve engagement of your learners & enhance their collaboration.

Launching a new product or service?

Evenness creates a cutting-edge and memorable virtual experience for your guests that drives revenue growth and elevates customer excitement.

Organizing events for remote workforce and international attendees? Possible & Easy!​

Our interactive avatar-based 3D/VR solutions offer what video conferencing and flat web “rooms” are lacking: co-presence, chance encounters, and connectedness.

Why 3D & VR for your business?

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