A Mobile game-inspired Play-to-earn Racing Game, that gives you ownership & rewards just for playing. The Goal is to take your favorite game of today like “Need For Speed” and to give you ownership of every items possible in-game like the cars, rims, tires, and upgrades and give you the ability to sell or trade however you prefer. 

The Big Idea 

Turn your gaming experience into real-life rewards, using new technologies that will allow you to Race for Tokens, Pink slips, Upgraded Parts & More 

The Product 

Meta Racer X provides you a new gaming experience/makes your experience memorable/produces some of the most realistic graphics.


Our competition is comprised of Need for Speed, Race Master 3D & CSR 2 

Meta Racer X’s competitive advantage lies in: 

Play-To-Earn – The use of technology allows players to generate rewards for their skills and effort. 

Risk-To-Earn – The use of technology gives players the ability to race for reward-Tokens, Pink Slips, & and upgraded parts. 

Sell Or Trade – Players now can sell and trade their possessions with another.

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