Our Story

Stellar Access is your connection to space. We are building an out-of-this-world network – literally – to bring space to you, your community, your business.

Everything you need to make a space experience a reality – information, resources, providers, and partners – whether for business or pleasure, Stellar Access provides it. We created a network of space flight providers, equipment, and specialists in retail, tourism, and business, all interested in finding resources and working together for future commerce in space.

We have more than 40 years of experience in the space and aerospace industries. Let us bring your project over the finish line.



Want to ship consumer products into space to enhance their market value? Ship hardware to the International Space Station to conduct scientific experiments? Stellar Access makes it happen. We coordinate all aspects of transporting your item to space and back.

Our service includes making the shipment flight ready, providing imagery of its journey and time in space, a space-flown verification certificate, and a return flight to Earth on request.

Let’s discuss a flight plan for your shipment to space. ​


It has never been easier to conduct research in microgravity. Our experienced scientists and engineers work with your organization to plan and execute an experiment, from finding the best platform to integrating the investigation within that platform, conducting the experiment and collecting data, and even promoting your scientific results.

Research currently represents the backbone of space activities, with cutting edge work in almost every field, from cancer research to fluid physics. The technology keeps getting better, with new advancements on the rise, and Stellar Access can connect you to the right hardware and crew support for your specific needs.

Want to answer a burning scientific question that only microgravity research can answer? We can make it happen.


Connect your customers with space! Stellar Access can help you use space to promote your business, whether consumer products and services, space-related assets, or even personal items.

Sending items to space increases their value, and nothing matches the excitement and unique viewpoint of promotion and marketing campaigns based on spaceflight. We provide turn-key campaigns to amplify your brand and promote your products and services, starting with preparing items for flight through providing imagery of their journey to space, and the return to Earth. We offer space-flown verification certificates and launch and landing events to amp up interest as well.

For companies that offer space services, our extensive network can spread the word and grow your business.


Humans have always dreamed of traveling to space. Those fortunate enough to have actually done so number in the hundreds – but that is rapidly changing. If you dream of going yourself, Stellar Access can get you there.

We partner with many space transportation providers and can select the best way for you to touch the edge of space and gravity, or to make a visit to the International Space Station or one of the upcoming private human space platforms. Stellar Access prepares you for your journey and handles all of your travel preferences and arrangements, right down to what to pack. We are building the future of Commercial Space flight.

Your journey to space begins here. ​

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