Victor Harwood, founder & President, Digital Hollywood

During the past thirty years, Victor Harwood has developed and produced over three hundred leading conferences and events for artists, professionals and top executives.  Mr. Harwood is considered a leading authority on the convergence of the entertainment and technology industries, founding and organizing such conferences such as Digital Hollywood (28 years), Digital Hollywood at CES (22 years),  NASA’s Space Shuttle Conference, AKA The International Business in Space Conference, CNN’s Politics 2008: The Media Conference on the Election of the President, Media Summit New York (15 years – Partnered with BusinessWeek and McGrawHill/Standard & Poors) and Building Blocks: Technology of the Future (Partnered with CES).

In 2008, Mr. Harwood established Digital Hollywood Europe in London (Partnered with the UK Government), Production East at Lincoln Center in New York and the renown New York Writers Conference with Norman Mailer, Jimmy Breslin and Pete Hammil. In 2009 Mr. Harwood founded Advertising 2.0 (Partnered with AdAge Magazine), the Entertainment Globalization Initiative and Multimedia Expo.

In 1990, Mr. Harwood coined the now ubiquitous expression, “The Digital Revolution.”  And in 1987 Mr. Harwood founded and produced the first HTTP: Conference, the forerunner to the World Wide Web.

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