MetaVerseBooks (MVB Worlds), Formerly VerseBooks, Inc., Is A Pioneer In The Development Of Fully Functional Entertainment Platforms In The Metaverse. Utilizing Unreal 5.1 Engine (Web-Based) And Pixel Streaming Server Technology, MetaVerseBooks Offers A Range Of Immersive Experiences Including Concerts, Boxing Matches, Festivals, Video Games, And Film Projects.

Founded By Technologists With 50+ Years Of Experience Developing Enterprise Solutions For Telecom, Internet Protocols, And Data Centers, MetaVerseBooks Helps Entertainment Companies Develop, Deploy, Scale, And Monetize Metaverse Platforms. By Providing Cutting-Edge, End-To-End Solutions And Immersive Experiences, MetaVerseBooks Is Helping To Shape The Future Of The Entertainment Industry.


Build enterprise metaverses that deliver immersive digital experiences for disrupting the status quo. As a metaverse development company, we are experts in virtual reality, augmented reality, AI, and blockchain. Our capabilities help us develop digital assets, including NFT marketplaces, DAOs, and a 3D virtual ecosystem on metaverse platforms.


The most in-demand accessories in today’s tech-savvy gaming community are called metaverse. It makes sense that now is the ideal time to invest in the creation of metaverse games development. Why is the number of metaverse games increasing? The cutting-edge features and functionalities are what allow players to fully immerse themselves in the fantastical world of extended reality. It makes sense that now is the ideal time to invest in the creation of metaverse games. Let us develop your metaverse game and immersive experience using our metaverse infrastructure.


It’s very likely that the Metaverse or Web 3.0 will come to maturity in the quantum era, which most experts agree will be here by 2030 or sooner. The tremendous processing power of quantum computers will play a huge role in helping the Metaverse operate and fulfill its promise of a fully immersed, interactive, user experience – making the impossible, possible. And with unchecked quantum computing power, the Metaverse may be subject to manipulation and misuse. Regulation and advanced quantum security methods (PQC, QKD, QRNG) will be necessary to protect this digital realm and the privacy and security of its global citizens. Let us develop and deploy a quantum security framework for your metaverse project.


When Unreal Engine content creators were building games for gamers, it was a pretty safe assumption that the end users had a device capable of running those games. This could be in the form of a gaming PC or a console. However as Unreal Engine is applied in increasingly novel non-gaming use cases, the assumption that end users will have a device capable of running these creations is no longer valid. Recognizing this gap, Epic Games developed Pixel Streaming – a way to run Unreal Engine games on a remote GPU-enabled server and stream high-fidelity rendered video to any end user’s device, while also allowing end users to drive the game remotely from their web browser.

MVB Worlds is built on top of scalable servers which includes enterprise-ready publication and cloud orchestration services that enable Unreal Pixel Streaming games to be published globally, at scale. The MVB Worlds server platform takes the guesswork out of deploying, managing, and scaling streaming infrastructure, while also ensuring that users all around the world will get the best performing streaming experience. Pixel Streaming renders the hi-res imagery and functionality of MVB Worlds in the browser by dynamically utilizing web servers. The dynamic use of web servers has a real world cost. This is why owners have an hour limit based on the total attendance of their events – and why they will eventually may be required to add additional streaming hours should they wish to host large events or if they run out of streaming hour credits.


Meta-Stadiums are virtual football/soccer stadiums existing in the metaverse where fans can watch live and archive FIFA games, network with other fans using avatars, buy virtual merch, and play mini games to win virtual and real world prizes.


MetaJam is a series of metaverse concerts featuring the top music artists from multiple genres such as Hip-Hop, Kpop, Afrobeats, Funk, R&B, Rock, Pop, Alternative and Pagode. Each event takes place in the MVB Worlds metaverse where music fans can dive into an immersive concert experience in state of the art venues via the fan’s custom 3D avatars. Discover, explore, and engage in MVB Worlds as you network in a new dimension of reality! To date we have done concerts with brazilian superstar Azzy and the upcoming rapper NLE Choppa. After becoming an official Fortnite creator in 2023, MVB has now developed a pipeline to launch its MetaJam concerts within Fortnite.

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