“In our view, there is no such thing as a leading law firm of tomorrow whose attorneys don’t think about the future today. When I started my legal career a couple of decades ago, the internet was just starting to change the world in a way that hadn’t happened since the arrival of the personal computer a couple of decades prior to that. Now, some new technology or industry – whether it’s blockchain, crypto, NFTs, the Metaverse, virtual reality, AI, quantum computing, cleantech, medicinal cannabis, medicinal psychedelics, or something else – is changing or promising to change the world every few years. Our clients know lots of smart attorneys, but being smart isn’t nearly enough. Each new emerging area of technology and industry requires visionary executives that imagine things that do not yet exist, and lawyers that in each instance absorb new technological concepts and regulatory frameworks well enough to devise new legal strategies that pave the best path to that aspect of the future. Zuber Lawler assists its clients in filling out components of the horizon that they see better than others, and then we work backwards with our clients from there. That’s not an accident, but rather by design. Zuber Lawler deliberately recruits professionals that are materially focused on the increasingly imminent arrival of the future.”

-Tom Zuber, Managing Partner

Zuber Lawler is one of the most selective law firms in the United States, representing clients throughout the world from seven offices across the country. Zuber Lawler focuses on M&A, finance, and other deals; IPOs; intellectual property; antitrust, data/privacy, FDA, anti-corruption, and other regulatory work; and litigation. In addition to representing Fortune companies in relation to traditional industries and technologies, as well as funds and government entities, Zuber Lawler represents leading companies in emerging industries and technologies, including web 3, virtual reality, esports, AI, cleantech, and legalized cannabis and psychedelics. Zuber Lawler’s attorneys work in languages covering 90% of the world’s population.

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