Tautachrome operates in the internet applications space, uniquely exploiting the technologies of the Augmented Reality (AR) sector, the smartphone trusted imagery sector and the crypto currency and NFT fintech sectors with granted and pending patents in all these sectors.

The Company has completed development of a fully integrated mobile commerce platform, the ARknet platform (“ARknet”). ARknet intends to harness Web 3.0’s deployment of permissionless and implicitly trustful networks, where software is developed openly in full view of the world, users won’t need permission to participate, and the network itself will allow users to trustfully interact with others, publicly or privately.

ARknet aims to allow users to trade and work with global counterparties via Web 3.0’s most important promise: system-wide cryptographically built-in trust. ARknet will host consumers and their social interaction and businesses selling to those consumers, facilitated by advanced 3D augmented reality interfaces for purchasing and interacting.

In addition, the Company has high-speed blockchain technologies in development in support of frictionless sales, including supporting the creation and sale of blockchain tokens (NFTs) representing unique digital imagery assets consisting of pictures, videos, Arks and other digital things developed by or belonging to ARknet platform participants.

KlickZie is our flagship image verification and tracking software for iOS and Android devices. The KlickZie application platform leverages blockchain technology to turn smart phones into trustable imagers, allowing users to own, verify, socially engage and monetize every image they take.

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