LED Tiles

Americhip Digital’s Direct View LED line, when combined with our compelling content creation capabilities and our various design configurations, will captivate your existing customers while transforming prospects into new customers.


Hypervsn is an amazing 3D holographic technology that wows audiences and generates buzz, foot traffic and excitement. Whether as a solo unit or a multi-unit large array, Hypervsn generates a 3D holographic, floating array of colors and images. Perfect for trade shows, live events, retail and office settings. Click on the links below to experience Hypervsn for yourself.


A True Interactive Holographic Experience “If you can’t be there, BEAM there!” The World’s First Holographic communications platform. An end-to-end system for creation, management, delivery & playback of interactive hologram content.

Looking Glass

The shift from 2D to 3D media happening now is as monumental as the leap from black & white to color. Holograms are the key to this next step! Build memorable experiences with immersive and realistic holographic content.


Multitaction Cells (MT Cells) allows our clients to take interactivity to the next level. With these 55” ultra thin bezeless cells and software solutions we can create individual codices, RFD cards and 3D objects with QR codes specific to your business line to show in an innovative way. With unlimited touch capability, users can build the multitaction cells in almost any size and array to fit the project, whether it be a permanent install or a rental.

Transparent LEDs

Integrate the transparent LED curtain as an upgrade to blow through LEDs or adhere the modules to glass to create a magical transparent LED transparent experience. Ideal for trade shows, events, retail store front windows.

Digital Signage

Americhip Digital will consistently deliver world class ultra high 4K LED content to your trade show booth, special events, retail environments, stadiums, universities and innovation labs. Our team will transform your spaces and environments with engineered and integrated digital signage solutions ranging from high resolution .9mm LED to blow though LED curtain technology to new, state-of-the-art LED innovations.

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