Connect the real world to any metaverse. Seamlessly.

The Illusion Factory is excited to announce the upcoming launch of our revolutionary new virtual world / real world, web 3 cross platform metaverse as service model.

SizzleVerse™ is both individual metaverse installations such as the MVB Sizzle Arena, as well as middleware to help other metaverse platforms easily connect to opportunities around the real world.


More important, Sizzle – a cloud-based comprehensive suite of promotion and marketing tools, games, experiences and interconnectivity – will provide the ability to bridge commerce between the real world and the metaverse via gamified incentives and discounts acquired in a metaverse and redeemable in physical stores via the Sizzle mobile app or browser based solutions.

Value Proposition​

The Sizzleverse is a metaverse as service platform and middleware.

Value to Consumers
  • Collection of valuable, interactive NFTs inside the MetaKeep wallet
  • Immersive, real-world metaverse experiences
  • Ability to interact and purchase from well-known retailers
  • Ability to play fully immersive games
  • Participation in interactive concerts, shows, and sporting events
  • Online gambling (in non-regulated geographical territories)
  • Extended interactions with celebrities, athletes, teams, and organizations
  • NFT purchases from art galleries and other visitors in the metaverse
  • Streamlined FIAT-enabled transactions for consumer convenience
  • Interactive fashion experiences and shopping

       And much more…

Value to Businesses​

With Sizzle, businesses of every size and type can experience the positive impact the metaverse can have on brand awareness and their overall revenue.

  • Easily connect your metaverse installation on most platforms to real-world applications
  • Tap into an endless amount of potential customers
  • Offer customers real-world sales discounts redeemable on their mobile phones
  • Advertising and branding opportunities
  • Host concerts and sports events
  • B2B cross-promotional events
  • Endless vertical opportunities
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