Raise your vibration. 

Freques marks the first epic opportunity to focus humanity’s energy and attention on the defining crises of our time. 

A new form of global social network that empowers individuals to participate in meaningful ways by pairing brands, consumers and organizations using highly coordinated, productive methodologies.

Unbeknownst to most people, humanity is facing a global  environmental crisis and existential threat, unprecedented in all its history. Dumping billions of tons of industrial waste into the atmosphere for decades has disrupted, and is intensifying, the Earth’s weather patterns, cycles and storms. 

More than any other occurrence, climate change has caused the collapse of numerous prior dynasties and civilizations. Our failure to act swiftly and responsibly, increases the likelihood, of an Extinction-Level Event. 



Freques™ is an American interactive, online social media / social networking service on which registered users post content and choose whom they interact with. Users access Freques through its website interface and mobile application software. Founded by Doug Ivanovich and Brian Weiner, Freques is a product and service of 1-Earth GPS and Sizzle, Inc., and is powered by the Sizzle Global Trans-Media Network. “Freques, Inc.” is based in Los Angeles, California. 

The name “Freques” is a play on words and abbreviation of the term “Frequencies.” Its culture, ethos and raison d’etre is the assertion that all human beings are comprised of “frequencies” – of common, 

indivisible, vibrating, quantum-entangled energy, which refutes and disavows all definitions, descriptions and practices that falsely and inappropriately divide humanity. 

Freques emphasizes altruism, people helping people, health and well being, world peace, inner peace, environmentalism, Earth restoration, social justice, human rights, freedom, gender equality, ending poverty, ending hunger, ending human trafficking, harmlessness, holism, passing it forward, children, homelessness, veteran’s causes, animal rights, virtues, values, and ethics, global giving, global goodwill, and global problem solving. In short, Freques was designed to help humanity graduate from its more primitive practices of the past, into a cleaner, safer, more peaceful and balanced, enlightened and cooperative future. Promoting humanitarianism, science, art and universal values, Freques was designed to help move human beings and our emerging world community, toward global problem solving, and constructive social change. 

Much like the word “being,” and expression “being human,” a “human being” is uniquely, a verb, an adjective and a noun – a happening, a flow of moving energies and frequencies that inhabit and animate body and form. Freques invites you to realize the common energies and frequencies underlying our essential natures.™ 

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