Los Angeles is the heart of California, and known as a trendsetter city. Los Angeles has always been ahead of the game when it comes to adopting new product ideas. From technology to food, Angelino’s are not afraid to embrace them. The LA lifestyle is something you can’t find anywhere else. Angelino’s are known for being stylish, artsy, and above all else a diverse group of people who are open to new experiences. There is no better city than LA for consumer insights.

The combined statistical area of Los Angeles is the 3rd largest in the world behind Tokyo and New York. The population of Los Angeles is 18 million. Because of its massive population of people with different ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds, Los Angeles has long been regarded as the most diverse of all the cities in the United States; a multi-culture melting pot. LA has a one of the largest Hispanic populations in the US, and is a hot spot for millennial’s. With LA attracting so many diverse cultures, along with it’s openness to new ideas, LA is the ideal market for  conducting market research.

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