My Story

I am incredibly blessed to live in the United Nations Biosphere Reserve at Cascade Head on the central Oregon Coast, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world. This is “life on the wild edge of a continent” where 3500 miles of the North American land mass meets 5000 miles of open ocean… The land, sea and air of this place acts as a muse, sanctuary and teacher for me.

My work is to channel the beauty and power of this place, and to show what is possible when we care for the last great places. My chosen medium Gyotaku (Fish rubbing), a Japanese folk art originating in 18th century, and nature printing, which originated in 10th century Europe, and is mostly focused on Botanicals. I am 66 years of age now, married for 47 years to my incredible wife Melany with two grown children nearby. I have started 5 businesses in my 40 year professional career in the diverse and seemingly un-related fields of gold-smithing, porcelain enamel, apparel, eco-system services and sustainable seafood.

The common thread running through them all is that they were all design driven, and I had the pleasure of being the creative director for all of them… I REALLY love working alone now, no creative briefs, committees or consensus building, just “tracing gods line” as my father used to say. I hope my curation of images from this place moves you, and that some of them might come to live with you in your place of work or home sanctuary!

Thanks be to the Sea Exhibit

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