1 Earth –

Climate Crisis Concert is a rallying call and rallying event, for humanity to mobilize on behalf of its own survival.

• A Call For The People Of The World To Come Together

• A Call To Action For Global Green Initiatives

• A Call For Institutions To Protect Our Fragile Eco-Systems

• A Call To Support And Contribute To Proven Eco-Solutions

• A Call For Humanity’s Re-Direction and Eco-Re-Education

• A Global Giving Platform For Helping the Environment

• A Rallying Call For Sustainable Community

• A Rallying Call To Secure Humanity’s Future

Earth Day 50 Live is a catalytic event for the care, protection and defense of the environment and the Earth.

Crossing all cultures, time-zones and musical genres, 1 Earth Live –

is a global, multi-city music and celebrity-driven grassroots, interactive,

benefit concert and invitation to billions of people, to participate in

what may well become the most vital, live, multimedia and broadcast

event of all time!

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